Hurricane Irene Recovery Update: Help still needed in Catskills

By Ginny Scheer
MCS Farm Director

Hurricane Irene caused severe flooding and damage to many towns near the Manhattan Country School Farm just as school was starting in September. MCS’ 7th and 8th graders helped remove mud from local businesses (Roxbury Arts Group and a flower shop near Fleischmanns) during their fall Farm trips. There is ongoing need and MCS Farm neighbors could still use your help. If even one group or family devotes a weekend or a day or two of the winter break to this, it will make a big difference in the flood recovery effort.

To lend a hand, contact Katie Lehn at the MARK Project, a community revitalization organization in Margaretville, N.Y. She can be reached at (845) 586—3500 or

Katie will match volunteers with assessment teams with whom they will work when they get here. They should wear old clothes and rubber boots; MARK Project will provide other necessities such as gloves, masks and cleaning supplies.

Mud & Debris Removal:
Houses in Fleischmanns still need to be cleaned out, so volunteers are needed to remove mud and debris. This is preparation for professional sanitation, spraying disinfectant to prevent or remove mold.

Donations of gift cards from Lowe’s and Home Depot are being accepted at the MARK Project: 43355 State Highway 28, Arkville, N.Y. 12406.

Free Lodging for Volunteers at the MCS Farm:
I can offer free accommodations at the farmhouse for flood recovery volunteers any weekend that is not already rented. Also the week between Christmas and New Years is available. Please bring your own bedding, towels, and groceries. The local supermarket was lost in the flooding. For more information, contact MCS Farm Director Ginny Scheer at (607) 326-7049 or


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