6-7s return to Yorkville Common Pantry

By Laura Swindler
6-7s Head Teacher

The 6-7s were excited to return to Yorkville Common Pantry.  Many of them remembered visiting the pantry when they were in the 5-6s class.  Debbie Weiss, 8-9s Head Teacher, helps to organize visits for interested classes.  The 6-7s are in the final stages of writing grants for the money we raised through our Common Cents Penny Harvest.  Common Cents has allotted us $400 to make a difference in our neighborhood community.  On our visit we learned more about the pantry’s work to help people meet their needs.  We learned that they provide groceries for 1,300 families each week.  We were then able to help bag apples so that they were ready for pick up.  The 6-7s also dropped off some baby clothes as a donation.  Look online at www.ycp.org to see how you can volunteer or donate necessary items to this great community resource.

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