9-10s student wins second place in Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest

Ayla won second place in the American Immigration Council’s annual Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest. According to the website: “The contest inspires educators to bring U.S. Immigration history and lessons into their classrooms and gives students the opportunity to explore America as a nation of immigrants.” They write on the theme, “Why I’m glad America is a nation of immigrants.” Several 9-10s students participated in the contest this year. Ayla’s entry – a poem – is below. Congratulations Ayla!

The Door is Open
By Ayla

I am so happy that we stand here today,
No longer distant people.

Thanks to the immigrants
We are a whole community,
Living as one.

I am so glad these immigrants,
Giving everything up,
Leaving everyone,
All worldly possessions,
To get these tickets,
To get to America,
With nothing but their dreams,
Ventured forwards into the path of unknown darkness.

Whether on a plane, boat, or sometimes stuck in a bucket,
One thing is for sure,
These are some of the bravest people
I have ever known.

These immigrants brought a change in history,
They mixed their blood with ours,
And now we have multi cultures,
Because the immigrants are our parents,
And the Americans are our parents.

Now that the immigrants have come,
Our religion is not just one same religion,
That has being going on and on,
Generation after generation.

Now when children ask their parents,
Grandparents or maybe even great-grandparents:
Where were you born?
Or where did you come from?
We will not just say America…

We will say
“I am from Mexico”
Or “I’m from Africa “
Or “I’m from Europe”
And these are your roots, too.

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Posted by Corris Little, Communications Coordinator at Manhattan Country School, www.manhattancountryschool.org
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