The first farm trip for the 7-8s class

Good Morning from the Catskills!

The 7-8s are having an amazing time at the farm. They are honing their frog-catching skills, exploring the landscape of the farmyard, and indulging in the joy of fresh milk, even fresher salad greens and homemade ice cream with milk from Milky Way (the cow).

Yesterday, we had a beautiful sun-filled afternoon and evening. Most of the kids were immediately drawn to the stream and enjoyed water play with a mix of caution and adventure. Some enjoyed shooting hoops with their friends, while others greeted the farm animals for the first time. By dinnertime, many of the kids were telling each other which cow was their favorite and why.

Today, the 7-8s are off to their first day of farm classes: textiles, cooking, nature and farming. They’re planting the oak saplings from the classroom in the woods, weaving a class rug, cooking cake and tacos for lunch and snack, and weeding around the broccoli plants. All of the children are getting properly dirty from a farm-experience filled with outdoor play and the real work of exploring the farm with their hands.

We will see you all tomorrow afternoon, with heads full of hay and stories so numerous that three more days at home won’t be enough time to hear it all.

Aimee, Claire and 21 new farmers

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